Contemporary Glass Art Show


You are invited to explore a captivating showcase of unique works from artists Kelly Howard, Dan Friday, Jason Christian, Kelly O’Dell, Michael Cozza, David Patchen and Carrie Grula.


About the Artists

Kelly Howard – She explores color and pigment with unique layering and palettes in her ceramic-like glass pieces.


Dan Friday – Based in Seattle, he is a native of the Lummi Nation. While his work is contemporary in format, he incorporates cultural themes and basic Native American qualities.


Jason Christian – Also from Seattle, he explores the art of reticello, classical Venetian techniques and modern simplicity. He has worked with a variety of well-known artists in the Seattle community.


Kelly O’Dell – Through glass sculpture, her work explores themes of “Memento Mori,” as well as extinction, preservation, and origin.


Michael Cozza – His work is process-driven, and he looks to lines and patterns as he explores the material. Through his work he aims to capture the precision and beauty found in nature.


David Patchen – Through his work, the San Francisco-based artist explores patterns, colors and transparency created through multi-layered cane and murine (colored rods and patterned cross-sections of glass).


Carrie Grula – Her work is influenced by retro styles, from geometric and floral wallpaper patterns to fabric designs. She draws from these interests to develop her own patterns that she applies to her artwork.




135 Post Street, San Francisco