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Chinoiserie Candles

Lift the lid of the chinoiserie-inspired ceramic container to find a richly perfumed, hand-poured candle with two wicks to illuminate entire rooms. Asian Pear (in yellow) is a delicate yet bold blend of citrus, berries, cassis, sandalwood, rose and jasmine. Chinese Peony (in navy) is a crisp, herbaceous blend of peach, apple, lilac, rose, violet and leafy greens. Royal Incense (in green) is a heady array of luxurious elements that include intense red saffron, toasted nutmeg, rich clove noir, cinnamon bark, Madagascar vanilla, and a hint of patchouli. Wild Lotus (in pink) is an exotic, lush blend with lilac, wisteria, rose, jasmine and gardenia. By Seda France.

  • 6"W x 3 1/2"D x 6"H
  • Made in USA
  • Burns for 100 hours
  • Asian Pear, Chinese Peony, Royal Incense or Wild Lotus
  • Chinoiserie Candles



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