Heath Coupe Persimmon & French Grey Cereal Bowl

Heath Ceramics is one of few remaining pottery studios in the United States that design and manufacture on-site. Gump's was the first to consign Edith Heath's collection in 1944 after the tabletop buyer saw her work on display at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. To keep up with demand, Gump's sponsored a ceramics workshop on Clay Street and offered Edith the opportunity to use the equipment to produce for the store. After World War II, the Heaths transitioned to a production facility in Sausalito. The first official dinnerware line was named the Coupe. Coupe showcases a mix of modern lines, craft, and mass production known as "Industrial Design". Heath Ceramics follows the Bauhaus tradition of "less is more, form follows function, truth to materials". Designs and colors are elegant and complimentary.

Heath Coupe Persimmon & French Grey Cereal Bowl

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