Porcelain Origami Nativity Set

Shaped to resemble origami, this nine-piece set is made from porcelain that's left unglazed to replicate the texture of paper. The 9-piece set inlcudes Mary, the baby Jesus, Joseph, the three wise men, a manger, an angel and a standing star. Create an even more elaborate scene with the extra 5-piece set (palm tree, camel, donkey, sheep and dog) and crèche.

  • Imported
  • 9-Piece Set, most figures are approx. 4 1/2"H
  • Extra 5-Piece Set, approx. 1" to 6 1/4"H
  • 15-Piece Set (includes 9 & 5 piece sets plus the Crèche)
  • Crèche, approx. 6 3/4"H
  • Porcelain Origami Nativity Set, 9 Piece

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    Porcelain Origami Nativity Set, 5 Piece

    $ 75.00


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    Porcelian Origami Nativity Set, 15 Piece

    $ 239.00


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    Porcelain Origami Creche

    $ 48.00


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