Lineage, luster, legend. At just 11 years old, Gianmaria Buccellati showed his father his very first jewelry design: a uniquely modern ring. It was then that Mario Buccellati, head of Italy’s House of Buccellati, knew that his legacy would live on. Looking to the masters of the Italian Renaissance and the natural world for design inspiration, Mario opened his first shop in Milan in 1919. He was the first Italian Goldsmith to open a shop on New York’s 5th Avenue, and eventually earned the apt nickname “The Prince of Goldsmiths.” Today his son continues to expand the business, adopting the seat of head designer of jewelry, silver, and gold. Gianmaria’s childhood dream has come to fruition.

While the times have changed and the business continues to grow, in many ways much remains the same. Gianmaria personally chooses only the finest in master craftsman and remains closely involved with all aspects of production. The jewelry and silver is still made in small workshops. The Buccellati style of timeless elegance and balance remains recognizable, commissioned, and collected. Today, Gianmaria’s son Andrea has become involved in design and production. And so it is: the legacy lives on. Gump’s is proud to be a part of the history, tradition, and lasting lineage that is the House of Buccellati. Shop the Collection.