Our fascination with rare Asian antique furniture and collectibles is as strong today as it was in 1907. At that time, A.L. Gump acquired his first jade pieces in Japan. He wasn’t certain California customers would be interested in the rare gems, but had an inclination that he shouldn’t pass them up. He was right. Gump’s soon acquired a reputation for selling beautiful, rare, original pieces from the East—including jewelry, antique vases and vessels, and intricate furniture.

In many ways, not much has changed since those simpler days. We continue to house the exquisite eight-foot gilt Buddha from the Ch’ing Dynasty—he gazes serenely over the first floor of our San Francisco store. Purchased after the big earthquake in 1906, the Buddha remains the largest of its kind outside of a museum and one of our fondest acquisitions. We continue to honor A. L. Gump’s desire to bring artifacts from the East to our customer base. Last, we continue to grow as a major destination for Asian antiques. But we’re also evolving. We’re proud to carry a collection of new furniture inspired by original Asian design. These pieces truly represent what we stand for today: recognizing where we came from while welcoming modern-day interpretations of original pieces. Shop the Collection.