Considered a sign of good fortune and a blessing in China, jade has always been revered as much more than just a stone. The subject of myths, poems and legends,  Chinese emperors used it in religious ceremonies and townspeople believe that it cured medical mysteries.

We initially fell in love with jade after the 1906 earthquake when A.L. Gump hired friend, Ed Newell, to bring in new pieces from the Orient. Newell came across a pair of white jade vases in Japan but worried they were too pricey. Yet he couldn't stop thinking of them--a sure sign they were meant to be. Luckily, A.L. was pleased and the inspiration for Gump’s famed Jade Room was born. Of course, today things have changed. The Jade Room has been replaced by our jewelry cases on the main floor and many of our customers buy jade for its beauty without realizing its history or significance--as good a reason as any. But we're thrilled to maintain an exciting, ever-changing rotation of the finest in jade art and jewelry, and are always looking ahead anticipating the innovative designs and collections the future surely holds. Shop the Collection.