Petra Class looks to nature and the arts to compose her own masterworks, using gold and gemstones in rich hues to fashion brooches, earrings and necklaces with an elegant architectural quality. Petra notes that: “My approach to jewelry making is informed foremost by the European tradition of applied art. I am endlessly fascinated with gemstones, precious or the wealth of reds found in nature, by the sea of blues: the opaqueness of lapis, the transparency and subtlety of a lightly lilac-colored sapphire. One can almost paint with these stones.”

Classically trained as a silversmith in her native Germany, Petra spent several years constructing tableware at a respected atelier in Berlin before opening her own studio in that city and subsequently, in San Francisco where she now lives and works. Petra has been featured in numerous group and solo shows in galleries and museums in Germany and across the United States, including the Boston Museum of Art and the American Craft Council Show where she was presented with an Award of Excellence. Shop the Collection.