Gump's Own Brand is all about quality and beauty. It's that simple. Because we understand chic, timeless design and precise craftsmanship and we put that understanding to practice every day in our San Francisco workshop. Gump’s not only sources the finest in gemstones and pearls, but we continue to hand-knot each one. Although it's not the quickest way to approach the crafting of each piece, it's important to us. The actual pearls and gemstones we choose are also important to us--our buyers hand-select pearls of the highest luster and gemstones of the richest color and each is hand-forged from heavy 14 and 18-karat gold. The result? Exquisite earrings, shimmering rings, and stunning necklaces that are always in style.

Whether worn daily or reserved for a special occasion, our jewelry tells the story of a moment. Our passion for quality, use of only the finest materials, and belief in slow and steady craftsmanship assure that these moments will only continue with pieces that are definitively, strikingly, Gump’s. Shop the Collection.