Sparkle & Shine Ornaments

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Gold Regal Pattern on Pink Ball Ornament
Gold & Jewels Clear Drop Ornament
Rose & Gold Reflector Ball Ornaments, Set of 6
Glitter & Pearls Ornament
Frosted Pink with Glitter Ornaments, Set of 4
Silver Stripes Clear Hexagonal Ornament
Green & Gold Ball Ornament
Clear with Gold Diamond Ornament
Blue & Gold Ball Ornament
Assorted Asteroid Ornament

Thomas Glenn

Pastel Sequin Floral Ball Ornament
Multicolor with White Diamond Egg Ornament
Clear Iridescent White Egg Ornament
Silver with White Ornaments, Set of 4
Gray with Vines Ornament
Clear with Silver Icicles Ornaments, Set of 4
Red & Green Swirl Reflector Ornament
Red & Yellow Swirl Reflector Ornament
White Ball with Gold Flowers Ornament
Silver Diamond Point Ornament
Red Drop Ornament
Large Oval Pink and Gold Ornament
Frosted Gold Oval Ornament
Snowy Tree Reflector Ornament
White Glitter Ball Ornament
Blue Multicolor Petal Ball Ornament
Dripping Jewels Burgundy Ball Ornament
Multicolor Oval Ornament
Silver with Gold Teardrop Ornament
Clear Jeweled Three-Drop Ornament