Limoges Boxes

Handcrafted and painted porcelain in France, Limoges boxes come in an array of shapes and designs. Shop our collection of these diminutive works of art.
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Long-Stemmed Rose Limoges
2021 Year of the Ox Limoges
Key to My Heart Limoges
Heart with Ladybugs Limoges
Valentine Envelope For You Limoges
Valentine Heart Jewel Box Limoges
Pink Heart Limoges
Monet Book Limoges
Butterfly Heart Limoges
Gift of Love with Kiss Limoges
Round "With Love" Limoges
Valentine's "Love" Tea Cup Limoges
"My Love" Heart Pendant Limoges
Key To My Heart Limoges
Lily of the Valley Mini Heart Limoges
Two Swans on Heart Limoges
Cat on Fishbowl Limoges
Wedding Book Limoges
To A Wonderful Mother Limoges
Paris by Night Gift Bag Limoges
Crepes Suzette Cookbook Limoges
Designer Shopping Bag Limoges
Happy Anniversary Heart Limoges
50th Anniversary Heart Limoges
Shakespeare Stack of Books Limoges
Shih Tzu Brown Limoges
Shih Tzu Grey Limoges
Great Wall of China Limoges
Fortune Cookie Limoges
Panda with Bamboo Limoges
Tooth Fairy Limoges
Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Limoges
Doctor Bag Limoges
Pig in Wash Bucket Limoges
Floral Porcelain Egg Music Box, Light Blue
Floral Porcelain Egg Music Box, White
72 results