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Double Old-Fashioned Glass
Rocks Glass
Highball Glass
Cocktail Shaker
Carpe Diem' Box Small
Tutto Possibile' Box Small
Grazie' Box Small
XOXO' Box Small
Congratulazioni' Box Small
Double Jigger
Glass Cookie Jar with Dog Finial
Square Alarm Clock
Magnifying Glass
In Vino Veritas' Decanter
Wine Bucket
Mixing Glass & Strainer Set
Change Tray with Leather Insert
Carretti Frame 4x6
Carretti Frame 5x7
Toscana Frame 5x7
Scallop Rimmed Bottle Coaster
Salt Cellar
Little Bowl
Bud Vase
Footed Cylinder Vase
Conical Candle Snuffer
Round Coasters Set of 2
Measuring Beaker, Extra Small
Measuring Beaker Small
Spirits Decanter
Simple Covered Box
Bar Tray with Knife
Glass Carafe 1/4 Liter
Vanity Mirror, High
Large Gravy Boat
Oval Tray with Handles