Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

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Glass Angel with Red Heart Ornaments, Set of 2
Mini Cable Car Ornament
Twilight Glass Icicle Ornaments, Set of 36
Gump's Gift Box Ornament
Gold Hummingbird Ornaments, Set of 4
Gump's Cable Car Ornament
Baby's First Christmas Ornaments, Set of 3
Cuban Havanese Ornament
Winter Whitney Golden Retriever Ornament
Mini Hearts Ornaments, Set of 6
Golden Gate Bridge Ornament
Mini Egg Ornaments, Set of 6
Gump's Japanese Mountains Ornament
Fancy Feline with Purse Ornament
Cool Cleo Cat Ornament
San Francisco Shopping Bag Ornament
Black Lab Ornament
Jack the Snowman on Sleigh Ornament
Mini Polar Bear Ornament
Pink Blossoms Ornament
Flying Pig Ornament
Branch Ornament Stand
Baby Bootie Pink Ornament
Mini Hedgehog Ornament
Baby Bootie Blue Ornament
Mini Bichon Frise with Heart Ornament
Hippie Bus Ornament
Oyster Ornament
Fox Pup Ornament
Snowboarding Snowman Ornament
Ladybug Ornament
Santa Ball Ornament


Kringle's Kitty Ornament
Red Heart with Gold Ornament
Fortune Cookie Ornament
Telephone Booth Ornament
639 results

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments: A Gump’s Tradition

For those who love a curated holiday tree, we have thoughtfully selected an assortment of exquisite hand blown glass ornaments designed by skilled Polish artisans. Using the Old World style of individually blowing glass into a metal mold, coating the inside with silver to enhance their radiant glow, and diligently hand painting with layers of detail, this selection of hand blown glass ornaments can take days to create. Discover these stunning works of art from designers like Thomas Glenn and Vaillancourt. Whether you prefer the dramatic with intricate, elaborate designs or the clean look of simple sophistication, our hand blown glass ornaments offer something for every tastemaker seeking an heirloom-quality piece. 
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